So, what does your son call you?

This post is in honour of Adoptive Mummy @blogforadoption, who blogs at thefinalpieceofourpuzzle.  I met her recently, liked her a lot, and enjoyed when she talked about the odd things people had said to her, when they don’t know much about adoption in the real world.  “What does your son call you?” one person had asked.

So, in honour of this slightly clueless question, I give you:-

Five Things My Son Calls Me

  1.  Knucklehead.  I blame television.
  2. Bonkers.  He scores 100% for factual accuracy with this one.
  3. Muuuuuuuuummmmmmmyyyyyyyy….. in tolerant but long-suffering tones.  Usually accompanied by rolling eyes and a pained sigh.  Often used for when I’ve forgotten his vitamin, or put his shoes on the wrong feet or something.
  4. Rescuer.  This one usually involves games involving SuperBaby, attacks by random monsters or…. *cue dramatic music*… The Tickle Monster aka Husband.  “Wescuer!  You’ve got to wescue me, Wescuer!!!”
  5. Poo-poo banana head.  One of his own construction, for no apparent reason except, of course, the 5yo’s obsession with poop jokes. This one is my personal favourite.

For the record, my son calls me Mummy.  From the first moment he met me.  Because that’s what I am.  Legally, emotionally, in a real, practical sense, 24/7, for the rest of my life.  As it happens, my son also has another mummy, the one who gave birth to him, and in my son’s heart and head his foster carer was his mummy, too.

None of those facts make me less of his mummy right now.  Or happily ever after.


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